The designed shapes are made up of three and four sided polygons. Please select a shape in order to split it into it's constituting polygons and provide you with their individual dimensions. Also, listed below is the total area of fabric required to build this shape at 100% scale.

{{ || 'select a shape' | lowercase}}

face #{{$index+1}} ({{face.length}} sided)

  • {{face.area.toFixed(2) | number}} sq. meter
  • {{face.triArea.toFixed(2) | number}} sq. meter (triangle forumla)
  • {{angle.toFixed(1) | number}}° for {{face.angles[1][$index]}}

Total Area: {{selectedShape.totalArea.toFixed(2) | number}} sq. meter

Length of Fabric Required: {{getLengthOfFabric(selectedShape.totalArea, 45) | number}} m or {{getLengthOfFabric(selectedShape.totalArea, 45)*1.09361 | number}} yards